Our Responsibilities

  • We do not disclose your non-public personal information other than nonaffiliated third parties as permitted by law (for example, to reputable credit reporting bureaus).
  • We only ask for information that we truly need to complete a transaction or maintain a business relationship with you.
  • We use this information to protect and administer your records, accounts and funds.

Types of Information That We Collect

Identifying information:

  • Name and Address
  • Social Security Number
  • Information from consumer reports such as a consumer’s creditworthiness and credit history

Application Information:

  • Assets and Income

Transaction Information:

  • Account Balance
  • Payment History
  • Parties to the transaction
  • Credit card usage

If you ever have questions or concerns about the integrity of your account information, please contact us.

The Board of Directors and staff would like to inform all of our members of an ongoing investigation into some possible fraudulent transactions performed at our ATM machine.  NONE of our members and/or debit card holders have been affected by these transactions.  We have been working hand in hand with the local law enforcement and are working diligently on this matter.

As stated, this is an ongoing police investigation and we will provide further updates as available.

As always, the safety of our members and the confidentiality of their account information is our top priority.