We offer three kinds of Pre-paid Visa Cards for your convenience:

  • Pre-paid Reloadable Debit Card

You can use your Pre-paid Reloadable Debit Card to buy everyday staples such as groceries, gas, dining, online, clothes or anywhere VISA is accepted.  You can limit/monitor your balance & stay with your spending budget.  When you are ready, you can reload more funds onto your card.

  • Pre-paid Travel Money Cards

You can use your Pre-paid Travel Money Card anywhere VISA is accepted.  There is no longer a need to travel with large amounts of cash or travelers cheques.  You can set your spending limit & easily only spend within your travel budget.  You can reload funds onto your card for future vacations!

  • Pre-paid Gift Cards

These VISA Gift Cards are perfect for every occasion!  Welcomed worldwide anywhere VISA is accepted.  You can allow the cardholder to choose what they want & where to spend it.

  • Prepaid Holiday Gift Cards

These VISA Holiday Gift Cards are an easy way to make your holiday gift giving easier this year.  The cardholder can choose what they would like to spend it on & where.


From now until December 23rd, if a current AFCU member purchases a Holiday Gift Card, we will waive the $5.00 fee to purchase!

All three kinds of Pre-paid VISA Cards are easy to use.  You can also register your card online, check your balance & monitor your spending.  Just fill out an application, with your picture ID & you can leave with your Pre-paid VISA card today!

Click on the link below to download an application:

Prepaid Applic