Digital Wallets

Pay With Your Smartphone

Digital Wallets

A digital wallet (also sometimes called an e-wallet) is a transformation in the way you pay for things. Many digital wallet services work through apps on your smartphone. If you are paying with your mobile device, this can be as simple as holding up your smartphone to a digital reader at a merchant’s cash register.  At the supermarket, for instance, you might simply tap your phone to a compatible check-out register to pay instantly.

Your data is stored so that when you purchase something and you select your digital wallet for payment, you don’t have to swipe your card or re-enter your debit card number, address or any other necessary information to complete your purchase.

The digital wallets also offers the potential to keep gift cards as digital items, thus clearing out all the space that half-used plastic cards use up in a traditional wallet.

Depending on the type of device you use, we are currently enrolled with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay. Not every merchant accepts all of these, you would see that at the merchant’s terminal.

For specific questions regarding each type of wallet, please click here to visit the digital wallet FAQ’s page.