Apple Pay FAQ's



What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay allows you to pay for your purchases with your iPhone by holding your phone near a contactless reader at participating merchants.  You can also use your phone, Apple Watch & iPad to pay within certain apps.

How do I add my cards to Apple Pay?

On iPhone or iPad, access the Settings app, scroll down to Passbook & Apple Pay, then enter your cards by tapping “Add Credit or Debit Card.”  You can then use your iSight camera to enter your card or type the information in manually.

When I add my card to Apple Pay it doesn’t look like the card in my wallet.  Why?

Apple Pay uses a graphical representation, not an exact replica of your card.

When I use the camera to add the card, the card details are not showing correctly.  What do I do?

In the event your card detail cannot be captured by your phone through your camera, proceed with entering in all of the required fields manually.  This will also process and add your card normally into Apple Pay.

How do I change my default card to my card?

The credit or debit card associated with your iTunes account or the first card you add to Passbook is your default card.  To change your default card:

  1. Go to Settings > Passbook & Apple Pay
  2. Tap Default Card
  3. Choose a new card

How do I pay with a card other than my default card?

  1. Position your iPhone close to the contactless reader without placing your finger on Touch ID. After your iPhone wakes up, your default card will appear on your screen.
  2. Tap your default card to display a list of available cards, then tap the card you want to use.
  3. Position your finger on the Touch ID sensor, and hold your iPhone close to the reader to complete your transaction. Some stores may also ask you to sign a receipt, depending on the transaction amount.

Are my payments safe with Apple Pay?

Yes.  When you use Apple Pay, your card number isn’t stored on your phone or given to the merchant.  A unique digital code is created specifically for that device.  You still enjoy all the benefits of your credit or debit card, which includes our Zero Liability policy that protects you from unauthorized purchases.

How are my privacy and personal information protected?

Since Apple Pay doesn’t store your credit or debit card number on the device, you never reveal your name, card number or security code to merchants.

Am I able to opt out of Apple Pay at any time?

Adding your credit or debit cards to Apple Pay is your choice; you can add and remove cards when needed.  To remove a card, go to Apple Pay, tap on the card, tap the “I”, then tap Remove card.

Which merchants are participating?

You can use Apple Pay at thousands of merchant locations.  You can also look for the contactless logo and/or Apple Pay logo at participating merchants.

Can I use Apple Pay internationally?

Yes.  Apple Pay will work on contactless terminals for international payments.

What is my phone is lost or stolen?

Apple’s Find my iPhone website lets you suspend its ability to make payments.  Or you can contact your credit union, who can suspend Apple Pay for your credit union card.  In any case, without your thumbprint or card information, a thief should not be able to use your phone to make purchases.

How do I return an item?

The merchant can process the return like any other return.  To see the last four digits used by Apple Pay, go to Passbook, tap the card, and tap “I” to find “device number.”  Some merchants may need to “see” the card.  You would follow the same steps you used when making the purchase.

When paying in a store, if the merchant terminal asks me to choose Debit or Credit, which should I choose?

You would choose Credit as you would if making a purchase with your physical ATM/Debit Card.

How do I get Apple Pay push notifications on transactions?

This a setting on your device.  Go to settings > Privacy > Locations Services, select Passbook and choose “While Using.”

Can I setup my Apple Watch also?

Yes.  There is another FAQ for Apple Watch.  Please read those questions/answers for more information.



Google Pay FAQ's

Where do I download Google Pay?

Eligible phones can get Google Pay by downloading it from the Google Play Store.

Can Google Pay be used on any Android device?

No. Google tests various Android makes and models to determine which are technically ready to use Google Pay.  If your current Android phone is running on KitKat version 4.4 (to check this, open up Settings and scroll down to ‘About Phone’) and has an NFC module inside then you can use Google Pay.

Is Google Pay a safe and secure method of payment?

Yes. Google Pay is more secure than using a traditional card. Instead of using your actual debit card number, Apple Pay assigns, encrypts and stores a unique device account number on a dedicated chip on your device. When you make a purchase, that device account number is used to process your payment. Your actual debit card number is never shared with merchants or transmitted with payment, helping reduce the potential for fraud.

As a security measure, you will receive a “verification required” message when adding your card to Google Pay and need to call our Deposit Services department at 978-462-3106 to verify. Once verified, an on-screen message will appear stating that the card is ready for use. This verification is part of our multi-layered approach to security in payments.

How many cards can I use with Google Pay?

As many as you would like! There is no limit on the number of cards storable in the Google Pay app.

How do I begin using Google Pay?

  1. Download the Google Pay app at the Google Play Store if not already loaded on your device.
  2. In the Google Pay app, touch the + sign to add a credit or debit card to pay with your device.
  3. Position your card in the camera frame to automatically enter your card information. Enter the security code found on your card and provide additional information as required.
  4. Accept the terms of service and set your screen lock. (Activating Device Administrator is part of the Google Pay setup process.)

How do I use Google Pay to make purchases?

Use Google Pay wherever you see this icon at checkout or online.  You don’t have to open the Google Pay app to make a purchase with your phone. Just follow these steps:

  1. Wake up and unlock your phone.
  2. Hold the back of your phone against the contactless payment terminal.
  3. If prompted, choose “Credit” regardless of your type of card.
  4. If you’re asked to enter a PIN, use the PIN you chose when you set up.

Can I continue to use my plastic card after I add my card to Google Pay?

Yes. You can continue to use your plastic card as you usually would after you add that card to Google Pay.

How will I know if a transaction was successful when paying with Google Pay?

For in-store and in-app purchases you will see a confirmation screen in addition to a transaction notification on your device. You can always view your Google Pay transactions in the Google Pay app.

How will Google Pay transactions appear on my statement?

All transactions completed with Google Pay will appear on your Institution for Savings statement as a typical point-of-sale transaction.

Do all merchants accept Google Pay?

You can use Google Pay with your NFC-enabled device running Android OS 4.4 (KitKat) or higher at over one million locations whose payment terminals are set up to accept Google Pay and in participating Android apps and display a contactless payment symbol.  View the list of merchants and apps at Google Pay.

How do I return an item purchased with Google Pay?

To return something you bought with Google Pay you’ll need your store receipt, just like you would for any other purchase. If the merchant asks you to swipe your card, simply hold the back of your phone to the contactless payment terminal.

What if my Android device is lost or stolen?

If your Android device is ever lost or stolen you can use Android Device Administrator to lock it remotely, create a new password, and wipe your personal information from it. We also recommend notifying your mobile carrier and calling the Institution for Savings number on the back of your card promptly. Mention that you added your card to Google Pay so we can disable your card for use with Google Pay. If you locate your device, you will need to add your card back to Google Pay before using it to make any Pay purchases.

What should I do if I get a new ATM/Debit card?

When your debit card enrolled in Google Pay expires, or is replaced due to loss, theft or fraud, you will need to add your new one in – either using the device camera or by manually adding the information. You must first delete your old debit card from Google Pay.

Apple Watch FAQ's


What is the Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch is another device that allows you to pay for purchases using Apple Pay.

Do I need an iPhone in order for the Apple Watch to work?

Yes, the Apple Watch can be paired with your iPhone5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus (running IOS 8.2 or later).

Do I need my Apple ID to setup my Apple Watch?

Yes, you may be prompted to enter your Apple ID password if this is the first time you are setting up the Apple Watch with the iPhone device.

Do I need an iCloud account for the Apple Watch to work?

Yes, an iCloud account is required.

If I am already using Apple Pay with my iPhone is there any additional setup to make purchases with my Apple Watch?

Yes, the setup for Apple Watch is performed separately from the iPhone.

How do I pair (also called pinning) my Apple Watch with my iPhone?

First you will launch the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.  Next you will tap “Start Pairing” on the main screen.  Next hold your Apple Watch up to your iPhone’s camera so the screen is in alignment with the yellow outlines box on your iPhone screen.  Lastly, follow the on-screen instructions provided in the Apple Watch app.

How do I add my cards to the Apple Watch?

Access the Apple Watch settings app, scroll down to Wallet & Apple Pay and then select “Add Credit or Debit Card.”  You can then begin adding cards using your iSight camera or you can type the account information in manually.

How do I unlock my Apple Watch so I can make Apple Pay payments?

The Apple Watch unlock can be performed in 2 ways:

  1. With the watch on your wrist, you enter your passcode on the watch
  2. With the watch on your wrist, you enter your passcode on the paired iPhone which must be connected via Bluetooth or within range.

Please note the Apple Watch is available for payments as long as it remains on your wrist.

How can I use Apple Pay on the Apple Watch?

Once the watch is unlocked confirm that your wrist detection has been turned on.  Next you will double click the side button (also called the Digital Crown) on the Apple Watch.  You will then see your default card image.  You can then proceed with the default card or swipe left to right and select an alternate payment card.  Once a card is selected you will simply hold the display of the Apple Watch within a few centimeters of the contactless reader.

How will I know my transaction from my Apple Watch was successful?

A gentle pulse, beep and checkmark on the Apple Watch screen will confirm the payment has been made.

Can I make purchases with the Apple Watch without my iPhone?

Yes.  Once the watch is unlocked and the wrist detection is turned on, your iPhone does not need to be with you in order for the transaction to work.




Samsung Pay FAQ's

What is Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay is a safe and simple way to make mobile payment with select Samsung Galaxy phones and it works at virtually any retailer where you can swipe or tap your card.

What are Samsung Pay’s main features?

Samsung Pay allows you to use the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, or S6 Edge+ and Note 5 to make in-store mobile payments through the use of proprietary built-in technology.  It works at most places than any other mobile payment service because the technology works on new card readers as well as most of those that have been in place for years.

How does Samsung Pay work?

Samsung Pay uses proprietary Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) and Near Field Communication (NFC) to make contactless mobile payments.  MST and NFC enable the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+ or Note 5 to make secure transactions at virtually every card reader where you can swipe or tap your card.

Where can I use Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay works virtually anywhere you can swipe or tap your card.  From the grocery store, to the coffee shop, to your favorite clothing store-Samsung Pay is the only mobile payment service that works at the majority of U.S. retail locations.

Which cards can I add to Samsung Pay?

Samsung is continually expanding the list of cards you can add to Samsung Pay.

How do I make in-store purchases with Samsung Pay?

Start by either swiping-up from the home button or opening the Samsung Pay app from your home screen.  Next, select the card you want to pay with.  Then, verify your fingerprint and hover your phone about ½ inch over the card reader where you’d usually swipe or tap your physical card to complete the transaction.  If you prefer, you can set-up the Samsung Pay to use a PIN instead of your fingerprint for verification.

Will I receive a receipt after making a purchase with Samsung Pay?

When paying with Samsung Pay, you will sign and receive a receipt for your purchases just as you would with a physical card.  However, you will not receive a separate physical or digital receipt from Samsung Pay.

How do I confirm the last four digits of my card if asked by a cashier?

As part of their standard security process at checkout, cashiers at some retailers may ask you to confirm the last four digits of your card number.  In this case, do not provide the numbers shown on your physical card or the card shown in Samsung Pay.  Instead, tap on the card being used in Samsung Pay and look for the “Digital Card Number” displayed above your transaction history.  The four digits shown there are what you should provide to the cashier.  It will always be a different number from your physical card.

Can Samsung Pay make online or in-app purchases?

No not yet.  Samsung Pay is focused on enabling simple and secure in-store payments.

How can I cancel a payment made using Samsung Pay?

Canceling a payment made through Samsung Pay works the same way it does when using your physical card.  The exact process depends on your financial institution policies.

How I return a purchase if I used Samsung Pay to make the payment?

All purchases made through Samsung Pay can be returned according to the store’s policies.  If you return an item paid with Samsung Pay, the store may require you to hover your phone over either the card reader or the NFC reader to complete the return.

Do I need an active internet connection for Samsung Pay to work?

An active internet connection is not required to make in-store purchases but your phone should connect to the internet at least once per day to ensure that Samsung Pay stays up to date and remains active.  Samsung Pay does require an active internet connection to activate the app or add a new card.

How can I keep track of purchases I’ve made with Samsung Pay?

Most transactions made through Samsung Pay are viewable shortly after processing, for one month from the time of purchase.  Simply open the app and tap on a card to see all the Samsung Pay transactions made with that card.  Additionally, a push notification with transaction details will be sent to your phone after each Samsung Pay purchase.

The card image I see in Samsung Pay does not match my physical card.  Is there an issue with my card?

No, the card displayed in Samsung Pay will not always exactly match your physical card.  The key points to look for are:

  1. The Card Issuer
  2. The Card Network

What should I do if I lose my original physical card and then receive a replacement card?

The cards on Samsung Pay are digital copies of your physical cards.  If you lose your physical card and then receive a replacement card, you should delete the original card from Samsung Pay and replace it with the information from your new physical card.

Can I continue to use my physical card if I disable Samsung Pay or delete the digital card on Samsung Pay?

Yes, disabling Samsung Pay or deleting a card from it only disables the card from your Samsung Pay.  It does not deactivate or affect your physical card.

How is my default payment card in Samsung Pay determined?

The last card you made a purchase with in Samsung Pay will automatically appear as your default card the next time you open the app.  However, you can always swipe between all the cards you have added and select a different card before making a purchase.

How can I add a card?

Cards can be added to Samsung Pay by using your phone’s camera to scan in your card’s information or by manually inputting the card information yourself.  Then, depending on your financial institution policies, Samsung Pay will prompt you to verify your identity through a bank app, a text message or a phone call.

How many cards can I add into Samsung Pay?

You can add up to 10 cards using Samsung Pay.  Both credit cards and debit cards can be added.

Can I add the same card to more than one phone using Samsung Pay?

Yes, however the total number of phones you can add a card to may vary.

How long will it take for my card to activate after adding it to Samsung Pay?

The average amount of time it takes before you cards is fully activated for use after being added and verified will vary slightly between issuers, but should not take more than a few minutes.

When I attempt to add a card to Samsung Pay, a message is telling me that it cannot “provision” my card.

We suggest contacting the card issuer for further information.  Not all cards are eligible for use with Samsung Pay.  Additionally, there may be other requirements for your account to approve provisioning a card with Samsung Pay.  Your card issuer will have these details.

How is Samsung Pay secured?

Samsung Pay uses Tokenization and Samsung KNOX to secure your payment information.  Additionally, your fingerprint is required to authorize in-store purchases.

What is Tokenization?

Samsung Pay uses network tokenization technology that replaces your real card details with a dynamic digital token that is transmitted instead of your physical card’s number.  So your transactions remain secure and your shopping stays safe.

How is Samsung KNOX used with Samsung Pay?

Samsung KNOX scans to see if your phone is secure, and disables Samsung Pay if your phone is compromised in order to protect your payment information.

Does Samsung Pay store my personal/payment information on a server or my phone?

No.  Samsung Pay does not store your personal/payment information on a Samsung server or on your phone.  Samsung Pay does not change the way your payment information is stored or handled when you make a purchase.  Your payment information will continue to be managed by your card’s financial institution.  Only a transaction-specific token, which is used to replace your sensitive payment information is stored temporarily on your phone.  It’s stored only as long as it takes to confirm a transaction.

What should I do if my phone is lost or stolen?

If your phone is lost or stolen, you can use Samsung’s Find My Mobile service to find it.  The cards and payment information on Samsung Pay will remain safe and secure, but you also have the option of disabling cards remotely.

Does Samsung Pay have access to my bank accounts?

No. Samsung Pay does not have access to your bank accounts.

How close does the phone have to be to the card reader to work?

For best results, hover your phone about ½ inch over the card reader above where you’d usually swipe or tap a physical card.  If the transaction doesn’t process, move your phone slowly across the terminal.