What does it mean to be an AFCU ATM Cardholder? 

  • Use our MasterCard ATM card instead of checks or cash for everyday purchases at restaurants, department stores, gas stations, supermarkets, even mail, phone or online orders-anywhere MasterCard is accepted.
  • Any deposits done at our credit union will be available immediately on your ATM card.
  • Your ATM transactions will also be reflected on your our credit union account immediately.
  • Can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted at home or traveling.


All you need to remember as an AFCU Mastercard/ATM cardholder is:

  • All ATM transactions are only performed from your checking account.
  • Purchases should always be done as a CREDIT in order to avoid any fees.
  • ATM withdrawals performed at any Coop ATM will be no charge but if you use a Non-Coop ATM-you will be charged per transaction, as well as any fees the Non-Coop machine charges you(for a listing of Coop ATM’s-View the listing on our website)


Not an AFCU MASTERCARD/ATM Cardholder?

  • All that is required is you have a Checking Account.
  • Complete an ATM application  either from our office or download one below & return it to our office.  It’ll take 7-10 business days to process & you are all set!


 Click below for an application for an AFCU ATM MasterCard:

AFCU MCard Applic