The past year has had quite an impact on us all & we hope you & your family will emerge from this pandemic healthy & well.  Our number one priority is to take care of our members.  Our mission reflects our responsibility for providing an efficient, effective & well managed financial institution that will meet the needs of our membership for years to come.  To be able to do this & honor our pledge to be ‘Neighbors helping Neighbors’ the credit union is excited about expanding our services in the near future & will provide more details soon.

The Board of Directors has approved some increases to protect the financial needs of our membership & ensure our ability to continue to serve you for years to come.  Although these are never easy to implement, we feel they are necessary given the current fiscal climate.

Please expect the following fee increases effective on May 1, 2021:

Bank Check-1 free per month & $5.00 each thereafter            Money Order-$2.00 each                                                        Insufficient Check/ACH fee-$30.00                                              Courtesy Pay (ODP) fee-$20.00 each                                                Stop Payment Check or ACH-$25.00 each                                              Loan Late fee-$20.00 after 15 days delinquent                                    Replace ATM card/pin-$15.00                                                            Bad Address/Undeliverable Mail fee-$2.00

Thank you for being a valued & loyal member of our credit union.  Our entire team looks forward to serving you & your families for many years to come.